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Legend of the First Black Belt

There was once a group of white belts who practiced karate hour upon hours, day after day, month after month for many years. After many years of training, they decided to see who among all of them was the best.  They figured that whoever trained the hardest for the longest period of time, that person must be the best.  They noticed that one individual who had trained so hard, for so long, that his white belt had turned brown, and then black from all the sweat and hard training.  From that day on, it became a tradition not to wash your belt, but to let it symbolize how far you have come in training. 

  • 12th kyu - White Belt       
  • 10th kyu - Blue Belt         
  • 8th kyu - Yellow Belt       
  • 6th kyu - Green Belt       
  • 4th kyu - Red Belt           
  • 2nd kyu - Brown Belt     
  • 11th kyu - High White
  • 9th kyu - High Blue
  • 7th kyu - High Yellow
  • 5th kyu - High Green
  • 3rd kyu - High Red
  • 1st kyu - High Brown
Belt Promotions

Promotions to each new belt are based on: ATTENDANCE

  • Consistency & Minimum number of classes per stripe/belt*

  • Knowledge & Performance of curriculum

  • Improved Conditioning* Strength, Stanima and Flexibility

  • White Belt - 8 Classes
  • Blue Belt - 9 Classes
  • Yellow Belt - 10 Classes
  • Green Belt - 12 Classes
  • Red Belt - 14 Classes
  • Brown Belt - 18 Classes
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